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About David

I was born and bred in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and still live there.  I took advantage of the economic downturn to change career and pursue my lifelong interest in Scotland.  I have been guiding professionally in Edinburgh since 2008 and further afield since 2011.  I would be delighted to show you round my home city or my native land.


I am a fully qualified Member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association and a qualified Blue Badge Scottish Tourist Guide for the whole of Scotland.  I am also a graduate historian and an accredited “Whisky Ambassador”.  My Life Memberships include Historic Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland, the Saltire Society, the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the John Muir Trust, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, the Architectural History Society of Scotland and Life “Friend of the Filmhouse”.


Fully qualified Scottish Tourist Guide (Blue Badge).  Certificate of Higher Education from Edinburgh University (studying such aspects of Scotland as Geology, Archaeology, Landscape Interpretation, History, Architecture, Society, Culture and Art).  Honours degree in Politics and Modern History, and also a degree in Scots Law.


Holder of the Certificate of Whisky Expertise (with Distinction).  Accredited Whisky Ambassador.  Accredited Tourist Guide for G:2014 Sporting Heritage Tours (recognised as “A Games Legacy for Glasgow”).  Higher National Certificate in Acting and Performance.



History: Reading about Scottish and European history and also about Edinburgh, my home city.  Personal interest in the history of religion in Scotland: something which left a legacy of some magnificent buildings, as well as a huge impact on the country’s development.  Also an interest in railways - which left a similar legacy.


Scotch Whisky: My interest and knowledge of whisky (uisge beatha or the water of life) has been deepened and improved by training.  Now a qualified holder of Certificate of Whisky Expertise, an official Whisky Ambassador and a passionate enthusiast.


Music/Arts: Singing in various choirs over the years, including St Giles' Cathedral.  Listening to all types of classical music from Josquin to Macmillan.  Have acted principal and other roles in various productions for various amateur companies.  Worked in theatre for several years.


Hill-walking: One-time hill-walker, a hobby which allowed me to explore and experience the Scottish countryside.  Still awestruck by the beauty of Scotland’s lochs and mountains.


Spanish: Enjoy reading about the history of Spain and Spanish current affairs.

Types of Tours

All types of tours including: general tours, leisure tours, coach tours, Edinburgh tours, Royal Mile walking tours. For driver guiding, I prefer to give my clients my undistracted attention and so I work with a professional chauffeur and a luxury vehicle. Available for half-day, whole-day or extended tours.

Special interests include Scottish church history and church architecture, railway history and Scotch whisky